Individual rights and photography

lost in transit

An image taken this morning.

Why is it that people in public spaces sometimes feel they have a right to prevent photographers from taking their portrait?  Is it a reasonable belief or should we encourage photography in public spaces as a way of reminding ourselves individuals can contribute to democracy by coming together in public spaces, that there is nothing undesirable about being seen in public.

At the moment, many individual rights are under assault. As an Australian, my moral rights are being tarnished as a consequence of the Federal government’s policy on refugees arriving by sea and by its regressive act of repealing an emissions trading scheme. Shouldn’t people be less concerned about their right not to be photographed and more concerned about evil done in their name? Or is the right not to be photographed one of the few remaining rights people feel they have?

Do people have a right to privatise public spaces like the woman below ‘putting on her face’?

woman putting on make up in train

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