Exhibition – The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea

From my Exhibition ‘The Silent Sea’.

Our seas are dying. 90% of the world’s fisheries are over-harvested and are in decline. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be between 700,000 to 15,000,000 square km.

The scale of this tragedy is beyond our comprehension so our response is inadequate: we don’t repair our oceans. So marine life disappears, waste accumulates and the seas silently die.

Actually things do happen.

In March 2011, Barry O’Farrell’s Coalition state government was elected in NSW and one of its first acts was to pass legislation to ban the creation of new marine parks and extensions to marine sanctuaries for five years

To draw attention to marine extinction, in 2012 I photographed harbour rubbish floating past a derelict jetty at an abandoned marina in Sydney Harbour.

The rubbish could be still born life, a sorry replacement for the marine species whose absence they filled.

My exhibition comprising 13 images was curated by Hasib Zakaria and was a featured Headon exhibition  in 2013.

Contact me to purchase these works which are all limited editions of five.