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Donats Studers, 1984. Foto: Inta Ruka

Why a photographer’s personality matters more than ever

I’ve never seen a decent article in any camera magazine about a photographer’s personality and why it is an essential part of any photography. With today’s cameras, where cameras are essentially identical, it is even more important. Inta Ruka is one of the most famous photographers in Latvia, and one of the leading portrait-photographers of...

May 11, 2015January 22, 2022

Master portrait photographers – Jan Banning

Jan Banning is an extraordinary portrait photographer. The quotes below about the difficulties of portrait photography are from a presentation he made about his work at Eramus Huis Jakarta on August 14th, 2010. The full text may be read here. For portraiture, the digital camera I think is one of the most difficult things and...

January 7, 2014April 22, 2020
David Goldblatt

An interview with David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt is a genius – his quote from the interview below is what all photographers should absorb: How do we come to the values that we hold and how do we express those values? These to me are the vital questions. And whether or not photography is particularly suited to doing this, I don’t...

September 14, 2013April 22, 2020