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Donats Studers, 1984. Foto: Inta Ruka

Why a photographer’s personality matters more than ever

I’ve never seen a decent article in any camera magazine about a photographer’s personality and why it is an essential part of any photography. With today’s cameras, where cameras are essentially identical, it is even more important. Inta Ruka is one of the most famous photographers in Latvia, and one of the leading portrait-photographers of...

May 11, 2015January 22, 2022
Individual rights and photography

Individual rights and photography

An image taken this morning. Why is it that people in public spaces sometimes feel they have a right to prevent photographers from taking their portrait?  Is it a reasonable belief or should we encourage photography in public spaces as a way of reminding ourselves individuals can contribute to democracy by coming together in public...

July 14, 2014April 23, 2020