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My work ‘Mourning an elder’ is a finalist in the 2013 Moran Photo Prize

I was invited to photograph the funeral of distinguished Aboriginal elder Richard Phillips, by his son. During the funeral service at the Block, Redfern, I photographed this mourner. For me, funeral photography is subversive as it challenges society’s fixation with wealth, status and materialism by showing people are at their finest when they are compassionate and...

October 19, 2013April 22, 2020

On reading Geoff Dyer’s book, The Ongoing Moment

When an art wants to grow up and become a science, there’s often a lot of nonsense involved. In the case of psychology, that nonsense unfortunately involved horrid things happening to animals. Behavioural psychologists had to find out how a baby monkey would react to being separated from its mother. Billions of rats were sacrificed...

August 5, 2013April 22, 2020